Who is my Guardian Angel by Birthdate?

How to identify my guardian angel ? What’s my guardian angel’s name?

When we are born,  we all receive the protection of a dedicated Guardian angel that will guide us during our life time.
If you happen to ask yourself “Who is my gardian angel?” or “what’s my guardian angel’s name?“, you came to the right place.
Simply find below in which period your birthdate fits and you will discover all there is to know about your guardian angel and his powers.

Archangel Zaphkiel

Find your birthdate below and find who is your guardian angel:

January 1st to February 29th

From January 1st to January 5th: Nemamiah
From January 6th to January 10th: Yeyalel
From January 11th to January 15th: Harahel
From January 16th to January 20th: Mitzrael
From January 21st to January 25th: Umabel
From January 26th to January 30th: Iah-Hel
From January 31st to February 4th: Anauel
From February 5th to February 9th: Mehiel
From February 10th to February 14th: Damabiah
From February 15th to February 19th: Manakel
From February 20th to February 24th: Eyael
From February 25th to February 29th: Habuhiah

March 1st to April 30th

From March 1st to March 5th: Rochel
From March 6th to March 10th: Jabamiah
From March 11th to March 15th: Haiyael
From March 16th to March 20th: Mumiah
From March 21st to March 25th: Vehuiah
From March 26th to March 30th: Yeliel
From March 31st to April 4th: Sitael
From April 5th to April 9th: Elemiah
From April 10th to April 14th: Mahasiah
From April 15th to April 20th: Lelahel
From April 21st to April 25th: Achaiah
From April 26th to April 30th: Cahetel

May 1st to July 1st

From May 1st to May 5th: Haziel
From May 6th to May 10th: Aladiah
From May 11th to May 15th: Lauviah (11)
From May 16th to May 20th: Hahaiah
From May 21st to May 25th: Yezalel
From May 26th to May 31st: Mebahel
From June 1st to June 5th: Hariel
From June 6th to June 10th: Hakamiah
From June 11th to June 15th: Lauviah (17)
From June 16th to June 21st: Caliel
From June 22nd to June 26th: Leuviah
From June 27th to July 1st: Pahaliah

July 2nd to September 2nd

From July 2nd to July 6th: Nelchael
From July 7th to July 11th: Yeiayel
From July 12th to July 16th: Melahel
From July 17th to July 22nd: Haheuiah
From July 23rd to July 27th: Nith-Haiah
From July 28th to August 1st: Haaiah
From August 7th to August 12th: Seheiah
From August 13th to August 17th: Reiyel
From August 18th to August 22nd: Omael
From August 23rd to August 28th: Lecabel
From August 29th to September 2nd: Vasariah

September 3rd to November 2nd

From September 3rd to September 7th: Yehuyah
From September 8th to September 12th: Lehahiah
From September 13th to September 17th: Chavakiah
From September 18th to September 23rd: Menadel
From September 24th to September 28th: Aniel
From September 29th to October 3rd: Haamiah
From October 4th to October 8th: Rehael
From October 9th to October 13th: Yeiazel
From October 14th to October 19th: Hahahel
From October 20th to October 23rd: Mikhael
From October 24th to October 28th: Veuliah
From October 29th to November 2nd: Yelahiah

November 3rd to December 31st

From November 3rd to November 7th: Sehaliah
From November 8th to November 12th: Ariel
From November 13th to November 17th: Asaliah
From November 18th to November 22nd: Mihael
From November 23rd to November 27th: Vehuel
From November 28th to December 2nd: Daniel
From December 3rd to December 7th: Hahasiah
From December 8th to December 12th: Imamiah
From December 13th to December 16th: Nanael
From December 17th to December 21th: Nithael
From December 22nd to December 26th: Mebahiah
From December 27th to December 31st: Poyel

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