Guardian Angel Hahaiah

God the Refuge

12th Kabbalah Angel

Angel Tarot Card: Hahaiah

The Angel Hahaiah keeps his mind focused on the smooth running of your life. He ensures that all your efforts are rewarded.

Who’s my guardian angel?

Born between the 16th and 20th of May: my Guardian Angel’s name is Hahaiah


What does Hahaiah Means?

Hahaiah’s meaning : God the Refuge


Who is angel Hahaiah?

The Angel Hahaiah keeps his mind focused on the smooth running of your life. He ensures that all your efforts are rewarded. He asks you to question yourself in order to honestly evaluate your strengths and weaknesses.


Listen to his advice: do not overestimate your strengths, and do not deceive yourself with regard to your weaknesses. It is fundamental to know yourself well, in order to take advantage of the opportunities that you will encounter. Do not flee your responsibilities.


Angel Hahaiah asks you to follow your own path without being swayed by anyone. No one should tell you the path to follow, apart from the Spiritual World. Follow the right path yourself or follow the path that the Beings of Light reveal to you. If you do so, the energies of Luck will then flow toward you, and will be at your disposal. You can use them in the areas where you wish to receive Good Fortune.


The Angel Hahaiah asks you to pay special attention to your dreams. Through your dreams you will receive answers to some of your questions.


Follow the new path of your life under the watchful eye of the Angel Hahaiah.

Guardian Angel Hahaiah’s characteristics

Angelic Choir: CHERUBS

Regent Archangel: RAZIEL

Archangel Raziel

Keeper of Secrets – Described as the Angel of Mysteries, he is known to protect angels from the “holy Creatures” that uphold the universe.

Angelic Primary planet: URANUS

Angelic Planet: Uranus

Considered to hold the principles of ingenuity or unconventional ideas. It rules freedom and originality. It is the planet of sudden and unexpected changes.

Angelic Secondary planet: MARS

Angelic Planet: Mars

Mars is the passionate impulse, the masculine aspect and will-power.

Hierarchical Color: SILVER

Angelic Stone: AMBER

Angelic Stone: Amber

Amber contains soothing properties and is useful for correcting imbalances in the nervous system. It is used as gentle activator for energy.

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