Who is Celeste Medium

My Secret Gift

As my parents always told me : “a few hours before your birth, holy spirits of the Higher World have chosen and elected you as the Princess of Light”. Hence, was I offered such a rare precious gift: the gift of perceiving the divine spark that animates the People of the Stars.

And so, for many years, as an half angel and half earth being, I developed and enhanced my ability to read the lips of the Beings of Light and interpret the words they whisper in secret.


Since I know and understand the Prophecy of Angels, I decided to use this exceptional spark of light that connects me to Guardian Angels, and commit myself to helping others. As an Angelic medium, my gift allows me to predict what awaits you in your personal and professional life, with a high level of accuracy. I have demonstrated my ability many times to many people, and their reviews have always been so positive that it gave me the will to help even more.


I consider myself a divine emissary bringing the Eternal Message of Life, between the World from Above and the world below. I am confident in my ability to illuminate the new path of your destiny. If  you ask for my help, I will take you under my wing and guide you wisely all along the way.

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