Privacy policy

Last updated: June 26 2018 (archived versions)

The privacy of your information is of utmost importance to us. This Privacy Policy explains what personal data we collect and how we use it.

The www.my-angel-reading.com website is hosted and published by REPLAY SARL. This includes the processing and storage of all of the data collected on or via the website. REPLAY SARL has established this Privacy and Personal Data Protection Policy (“Privacy Policy”) to convey its policy and practices for collecting, using and disclosing information about you that may have been obtained on the www.my-angel-reading.com website.

Our commitment is to give priority to Customers or Users or Visitors. We strive to be transparent about how we collect and use your information, in order to ensure the security of your information and enable you to make informed choices.

The purpose of this Privacy Policy is to help you to understand what information is collected by REPLAY SARL, why we collect it, and what we do with it.

We believe that you should have control over your information. You can view or modify the personal information on your account, in particular certain of your marketing settings, your location data, certain of your advertising settings and search history, and your account deletion settings by visiting our unsubscribe page.

Respect for your privacy is central to everything we do. Since creating the website www.my-angel-reading.com, we have sought to offer our services and products while always bearing in mind a set of strong principles in the area of privacy.

Please read this Privacy Policy carefully. REPLAY SARL may make changes to it at any time (see “Changes to the Privacy Policy”). You can view the latest version of this Privacy Policy in this section or by clicking the “Privacy Policy” link in the website home page footer.

If you decide to use the www.my-angel-reading.com website, you accept that REPLAY SARL collects, uses and discloses information about you, including personal and financial information, under the terms set out in this Privacy Policy. If you do not accept the terms and conditions of this Privacy Policy or any change made to those terms and conditions, we request you to please leave the www.my-angel-reading.com website and not purchase any Product and/or Service and/or Customer Service sold on this site.

PAYMENT DETAILS: REPLAY SARL has no access to your payment details that are collected and processed EXCLUSIVELY and solely by current and future partner payment platforms. These partner payment platforms guarantee the security and privacy of your payment details.

We also ascertain that they comply with the applicable laws and regulations and that they take measures to ensure that the recipients of your data maintain a suitable level of data protection.

About www.my-angel-reading.com

The www.my-angel-reading.com website is owned by REPLAY SARL rue Adrien-Lachenal 20, 1207 Genève, Switzerland – Business registration number CHE-424.688.593. Depending on the method of payment chosen by the Customer or the User or the Visitor, the payment is processed by REPLAY SARL Switzerland or its partners.

This Privacy Policy applies to all our Products and/or Services and/or Customer Services, unless otherwise specified.


1 – Personal data we collect

REPLAY SARL collects data with the aim of ensuring the proper operation of its services and offering you the best possible experience. You provide some of this data directly, notably when you access our free or paid Product and/or Service offerings, or when you send a request on www.my-angel-reading.com. We obtain some of the data by recording the way you interact with www.my-angel-reading.com, for example by using technologies such as cookies, and in the error reports we receive or the usage data of the software you use on your device.

We also use your IP address to personalise certain Services and/or Products and/or Customer Services according to your location. This list of personal data is not exhaustive.

The data we collect depends on the Services and/or Products and the functions you use and includes the data given below.

Name and contact details – We collect your first name and your last name, your email address, your postal address, your telephone number and other similar contact information.

Demographics – We collect information about you such as your age, your sex, your country and your preferred language.

Centres of interest and favourites – We collect information about your centres of interest and your favourites. In addition to those that you provide explicitly, your centres of interest and your favourites can also be guessed or inferred from the other data that we collect.

Payment details – Our partner payment platforms collect the data required to process your payment if you place an order on our site, such as the number of your means of payment (credit card number for example) and the security code or card verify value of your means of payment.

Usage data – We collect information about the manner in which your device and you interact with our services and products. This includes information such as the functions that you use and the orders that you place. It also includes data relating to your device or the network you use to log on to access our services or products, such as notably the IP address, the identifiers of the device (such as the IMEI number of telephones), and the regional and language settings. This includes information about the operating system and other software installed on your device, notably the product keys. This also includes data relating to the performance of the services and any problem encountered with these services.

Contacts and relationships – We collect data about your contacts and your relationships if you use a service of the site to manage your contacts or to correspond or interact with our staff or our suppliers.

Location data – We collect data about your location which may be precise or general. The location data can be GPS (Global Positioning System) data as well as data identifying relay antennas in the vicinity and Wi-Fi hotspots, which we collect when you activate location-based services and functions. General location data includes, for example, a location inferred from your IP address or information that points to where you are in a less precise manner. This may notably be a town or a postal code.

Content – We collect the content of your files and your correspondence as needed to provide you with the services or products that you use or order, as well as the content of the communication you send or receive using our services or products. We also collect the content of the messages that you send us, such as the comments or the product or service assessments you write, the questions you ask and the information you provide for processing your requests or customer assistance. You can choose the data that we collect. When you are asked to provide personal data, you can refuse. If you choose not to provide the data that is required to supply a service, product or customer service, it would be pointless to browse our www.my-angel-reading.com website.

Cookies – We use cookies to operate and supply our Services and/or Products and/or Customer Services, in particular to improve your experience on the web, know how our Services and/or Products and/or Customer Services are used and to personalise them. For example, we may use cookies to find out which Q+A pages are the most popular and contain information that is relevant to our Customer Services in general. Further, we may use cookies to remember your choices, such as your language preferences, to offer you a smoother experience of our Services and/or Products and/or Customer Services.

Third-party information – We receive information about you from other Suppliers and Partners. For example, when these people known to you access our website, our Services and/or Products and/or Customer Services, they may provide your telephone number, your name and other information (such as additional information concerning you, such as unique identifiers), and you may provide theirs, or they may send you a message, call you or send messages to groups that you are a part of. We require each Customer or User or Visitor and each Supplier or Partner to be legally authorised to gather, use or share your information before providing it to us.

Third-party Suppliers or Service Providers – We work with third-party Suppliers and Service Providers and other partners in order to operate, supply, improve, understand, personalise, take responsibility for and market our Services and/or Products and/or Customer Services. For example, we work with partners in order to provide information about locations, maps and places, process payments, enable us to find out how people use our website, our Services and/or Products and/or Customer Services and to promote these, enable you to connect with Suppliers or Partners via our operating and other tools, conduct studies and research for ourselves, and assist customer service. These people can communicate information to us about you in certain circumstances.

Third-party-services – We allow you to use our website, our Services and/or Products and/or Customer Services in relation to our third-party services. If you use them in relation to third-party services, we ask you to receive information about you, for example if you choose to access our Services and/or Products and/or Customer Services through a promotion by one of our Partners or Providers. Please note that if you use third-party services, the terms and privacy policies of these third parties will govern such services.


2 – How we use personal data

We use the data that we collect for three main purposes, described in further detail below: (1) to operate our site www.my-angel-reading.com and ensure the supply of our services or products (and to improve and customise them), (2) to send messages or offers, including promotional or free offers, and (3) to display advertisements.

All personal data and other information that you provide are used solely for the purpose of providing the services, products or customer services you have requested on www.my-angel-reading.com.

Your email address is used to send electronic services that you have ordered. We also use your email address to send offers for Products and/or Services that are likely to be of interest to you. You will receive a free newsletter each month with your horoscope and articles in the fields of esotericism, clairvoyance or personal development.

You can unsubscribe from this mailing list at any time by clicking the unsubscribe link in every email that we send you, or you can contact us via the section “Contact me” that is accessible directly via the site. We will remove your contact information from the lists used for sending those emails.

By meeting these objectives, we combine the data that we collect through the various services or products you use on www.my-angel-reading.com so as to offer you a more homogeneous, consistent and customised experience. However, to optimise confidentiality, we have built in technological and procedural protection mechanisms, designed to prevent certain combinations of data. For example, we store the data that we collect when you are not authenticated (not logged in) separately from all account information that identifies you directly, such as your name, your first name, your email address or your telephone number.

Supply and improve our services or products – We use the data to supply and improve the services or products that we offer and to carry out the necessary sales operations. This includes operating the services, maintaining and improving performance of these services, notably developing new functions, research, and improving customer service. In this connection, we use a secret algorithm based on your first name, last name and date of birth to generate your free offer and personalised psychic reading matter that you can order.

We use the data to provide our services or products. These Customer Services often include functions and personalised recommendations that optimise your productivity and your satisfaction and adapt your experience of the services or products according to your activities, your centres of interest and your location.

Correspondence – We use the data that we collect to produce and personalise our correspondence with you. For example, we may send you email or contact you by any other means to inform you about a subscription that will expire or about security updates that are available, to remind you of the customer services you have added to your online cart, to invite you to participate in a study, etc.

Advertisement – The data we collect helps us in selecting the offers displayed by the website. These may be our own services or products or those offered by others. The offers we select may be based on your current location, your questions or the content you browse. Other targeted offers are based on the centres of interest that are likely to suit you or other information about you that we collect over time using your demographics, your searches, your centres of interest and your favourites, your usage data and your location data. This is what we refer to as “advertisements based on your centres of interest” in this statement. You can refuse to receive advertisements based on your centres of interest from the www.my-angel-reading.com website. To do so, go to our unsubscribe page.

Here are the other ways we use your personal data:
Our website – We use the information available to us in order to operate and supply our Services and/or Products and/or Customer Services, which includes providing assistance to Customers or Users or Visitors and improving, correcting and personalising our various offers.
We understand how people use our website, and we analyse and use the information available to us to evaluate and improve our Services and/or Products and/or Customer Services, to search for, develop and test new services/tools and new features, and to conduct troubleshooting. We also use your information to respond to you when you contact us.
Protection and security – We conduct verifications of accounts and activities, and work to ensure security in our Services and/or Products and/or Customer Services as well as outside these. We may, for example, investigate any suspicious activity or breach of our Terms of Use and ensure that our website is used legally.
Communications regarding our activities – We use the information available to us to communicate with you about our website, its content and our Services and/or Products and/or Customer Services, and we inform you about our terms and policies as well as important updates. We may send you advertising for our Services and/or Products and/or Customer Services and those of our Service Providers or Suppliers.
No third-party advertising banners – Other than our Partners/Suppliers, we do not authorise any third-party advertising banners on www.my-angel-reading.com. We have no intention of using such banners, but if we ever change our position we will update this policy.
Information shared between you and us – You communicate your information when you use our website, our Services and/or Products and/or Customer Services and communicate using them, and we share your information to enable us to operate, supply, improve, understand, personalise, take responsibility for and market our various offers.
Information on the account – Your telephone number, profile information, information concerning you, your notices and confirmations may be viewed by all our Suppliers and Partners, although you can configure your account settings to manage certain information accessible to other people you communicate with, by visiting our website.
Your communications and other people – The Partners or Service Providers or Suppliers you communicate with may store or share your information (in particular your telephone number or messages) with other people on our website or elsewhere. You may manage the people you communicate with and certain information that you share, by contacting us via the contact section that is accessible directly via the site.


3 – Reason why we share or disclose your personal data

We share your personal data with your consent or as required to complete or supply any service or product that you order. For example, we share your content with third parties when you tell us to do so, by accepting our General Terms of Use and this Privacy Policy.

Note: The payment details that you enter to complete an order can be accessed only by our partner payment platforms. Therefore, there is no sharing of this financial data between ourselves and the payment platforms.

However, for billing and validating the orders you place, our partner payment platforms will share your payment details with the banks and other institutions that process the payment transactions or that provide other financial services, as well as for fraud prevention and the lowering of credit risk.

In addition, we share your personal data with suppliers or providers and agents operating in our name for the purposes set out in this statement. For example, our suppliers or the companies we have hired to assist us in our service to customers or to help us in the protection and security of our systems and services may need to access personal data to provide those functions. In such cases, these companies or persons must comply with our data privacy and security requirements, and are not authorised to use the personal data that we convey to them for other purposes. We may also disclose personal data in connection with a corporate operation such as a merger or a sale of capital.

Note: REPLAY SARL ascertains, to the extent permitted by the governing laws and regulations, that its Suppliers and Partners that have access to your personal and financial data undertake to make their best effort to ensure the protection and privacy of your data in keeping with the principles set out in this document.

Lastly, we access, disclose and safeguard personal data, notably your content (as well as the content of your emails on our site), when we believe in good faith that it is necessary to do so:

  1. when it is required by the governing law, or to respond to legal inquiries, notably those we receive from law-enforcement organisations and from other government organisations;
  2. to protect our customers, to avoid spamming or attempts to con the users of our services and products, or to prevent loss of life or serious injuries;
  3. to use our services and ensure their security, notably by forestalling or stopping an attack on our computer systems or networks; or
  4. to protect REPLAY SARL’s ownership rights, including the application of the terms and conditions of use of the services and products. However, should we receive information indicating that a person is using our services or products for trafficking stolen physical goods or intellectual property owned by REPLAY SARL, we will not inspect the private content of a Customer or User or Visitor ourselves but will bring the matter before legal authorities.

It must be noted that some of our services or products contain links to third party or supplier sites whose privacy rules are different from those applied by REPLAY SARL. If you provide your personal data to one of these sites, your data will be handled according to their own privacy statements.


4 – Who else can collect information from our website?

The www.my-angel-reading.com website may contain links to websites belonging to others.

REPLAY SARL has no control over the content, privacy and personal data protection policy or actions of these websites. The use of the information that you may provide to third parties on other sites or information that those third parties may collect on other websites is not governed by this Privacy Policy. You must carefully examine the privacy and personal data protection policy of the third party websites and contact the editors of those sites if you have any questions about the manner in which they use the information about you. Our website cannot be held responsible for any third party or its affiliates or agents who may not use information about you in compliance with that third party’s privacy policy or in compliance with any contractual or legal obligation to be fulfilled by the third party, its affiliates or agents.


5 – Cookies and similar technologies

REPLAY SARL informs you that in connection with the use of its Services and/or Products and/or Customer Services, Cookies (files sent by the servers of the www.my-angel-reading.com site that are saved to the hard disk of the website user’s computer) are used. These Cookies are used primarily to improve the working of the system and to step up the quality of our Customer Services, especially in terms of speed. We use Cookies to understand, secure, manage and provide our Services and/or Products and/or Customer Services.

For example, we use Cookies to:

  • Offer you other Services and/or Products and/or Customer Services, improve your experiences, understand how our website and various offers are used, and personalise our content;
  • Remember your choices, such as language preferences, or even personalise our Services and/or Products and/or Customer Services based on your preferences or for the benefit of our Suppliers and Service Providers; and
  • Rank your experience on our website in order of popularity, gain an understanding of mobile Customers or Users or Visitors versus computer users visiting our website, or understand the popularity and effectiveness of certain of our offers.

These Cookies also make it possible to:

  • retain the identification made when the Customer or User or Visitor logs on to the www.my-angel-reading.com Site. These Cookies are temporary and expire automatically when you log out of your session or close your Web browser.
  • store your email address in the forms used for our free or paid offers on the www.my-angel-reading.com Site. By using this Cookie, the email address of the Customer or User or Visitor is displayed every time they log in. The Customer or User or Visitor is informed that they can refuse the Cookies of the www.my-angel-reading.com site in their browser settings; however, that may affect their use of the site’s functions and the quality of the Customer Services.

In addition to Cookies and standard Web beacons, our site may also use other similar technologies to place and read data files on your computer. These are generally aimed at retaining your preferences or improving speed and performance by storing certain files locally. However, as with standard Cookies, these technologies may also be used to store a unique identifier on your computer that can be used subsequently to follow your behaviour. These technologies are also used to offer you products, programmes or services.


6 – Other important information on privacy

The other privacy information that is important to you is given below.

6.1 Personal financial data security

To the extent possible, the partner payment platforms implement security measures to protect the personal information you provide against unauthorised access and use. All the financial information that you provide when you order from the www.my-angel-reading.com site is stored and managed exclusively by the aforementioned payment platforms. Please be aware, however, that no data transmission on the Internet is 100% secure and that any information transmitted online can potentially be intercepted and used by persons other than the intended recipient.

6.2 Personal data storage and processing country

The personal data collected by our website may be stored and processed in your region, in the United States or in any country in which REPLAY SARL, its subsidiaries or Service Providers (or Payment Platforms) are established. We take measures to guarantee that the data that we collect under this privacy statement is processed according to the provisions of this statement and the requirements of the laws and regulations in force in the country in which the data is found.

6.3 Personal data retention

REPLAY SARL retains personal data for as long as necessary to provide the services or products that you request, or for other essential purposes such as meeting its legal obligations, settling disputes and applying the terms of its agreements.

6.4 Collection of data from underage children

By electronically accessing REPLAY SARL’s Products and/or Services and/or Customer Services, the Customer or User or Visitor declares being a natural person in full possession of his or her mental faculties and having the capacity to contract, i.e. he or she is at least eighteen (18) years of age and/or is legally of age in his or her country of residence and is not placed under any form of legal protection. When our website www.my-angel-reading.com collects information of data regarding the age of Customers or Users or Visitors, it does not seek to collect data or information concerning minors according to the applicable local laws. According to the applicable local laws, minors must have the consent of a parent or legal guardian to provide personal data or to use our site.


7 – Changes to the privacy policy

By using the website www.my-angel-reading.com, you agree to the gathering, use and disclosure of your information in the manner described in this Privacy Policy. This Privacy Policy reflect the professional practices in force at REPLAY SARL which may be modified and updated. In case of modification or update, the amended Privacy Policy will be published on the www.my-angel-reading.com website, stating the latest update date. Please check our website regularly to keep yourself informed about any change or update to the Privacy Policy and our practices. If you authorise REPLAY SARL to retain, in its database, the information you provide on the www.my-angel-reading.com website, whether confidential or not, and if REPLAY SARL intends to disclose that information to third parties or subsidiaries in a manner that is not mentioned in this Privacy Policy, REPLAY SARL will notify you in writing and you will have the option of refusing any other use or disclosure of your personal information.


8 – Business transfers

We can also use your personal data or share it with our subsidiaries, our affiliated companies and other entities of the group of companies under REPLAY SARL’s control, for internal reasons and primarily for business and operational reasons in keeping with the reasons mentioned in this document. If another entity buys our company or buys our assets in full or in part, the personal data, usage data and any other information that we have collected about the site’s customers or users or visitors may be disclosed to that entity in connection with prior verification and will be handed over to that entity as transferred assets. Should such sale or such transfer take place, we ask the recipient of the transfer to use the personal data and usage data in compliance with this Policy.

You have the right to ask us not to use or share your personal data (whether collected online or off-line) with our affiliates for marketing reasons. Please specify your preference by contacting us at: “request@my-angel-reading.com”.


9 – How to access and monitor your personal data

You can display or modify the personal data you have recorded on our www.my-angel-reading.com website, or state you choice regarding the gathering and use of your data by REPLAY SARL, by going to the “Contact me” section of our site to specify the changes to be made. Where appropriate, you must make sure that we inform us about the updates or changes to the information about you, including your identity, postal or email address so that we are able to protect you better.


10 – How the General Data Protection Regulation applies to our Customers or Users or Visitors from the European Region

Our legal basis for processing information. We receive, use and share the information available to us as indicated below:

  • to the extent necessary to comply with our Terms and satisfy you;
  • with your consent, which you may withdraw at any time;
  • to the extent necessary to meet our legal obligations;
  • from time to time, to protect your vital interests or those of others;
  • to the extent necessary in the public interest;
  • to the extent necessary for our legitimate interests (or those of others), in particular our interests concerning the provision of a service or product or service that is innovative, relevant, secure and profitable for the attention of our Customers or Users or Visitors and our Suppliers or Partners, except where these interests are overridden by your interests or where your fundamental freedoms and rights require the protection of your personal data.

How to exercise your rights. Under the General Data Protection Regulation or any other applicable legislation, you have the right to consult, correct, transfer and delete your information. You may also restrict or refuse the processing of your information. This includes the right to refuse our processing of your information for direct marketing and the right to refuse our processing of your information where we are carrying out a task in the public interest or are pursuing our legitimate interests or those of a third party.
If we are processing your information on the basis of our legitimate interests, third-party interests or in the public interest, you may refuse this processing. We will then stop processing your information, unless the processing is based on urgent and legitimate reasons or is justified from a legal standpoint. You may also refuse our processing of your information and find out more about the options available to you to limit our use of your information. When we use your information for direct marketing of our own Services or Products or Customer Services, you may at any time block future marketing messages and unsubscribe using the unsubscribe link included in these messages or by visiting our unsubscribe page.
Management and deletion of your information. We store information until it is no longer necessary to provide our Products and/or Services and/or Customer Services or until your account is deleted, whichever of these two events occurs first. The decision is made on a case-by-case basis, depending on aspects such as the nature of the information, the reason for its collection and processing, and the relevant legal or operational requirements in terms of storage.
Law and protection. We collect, use, store and share your information if we believe in good faith that it is required, within reason, to: (a) comply with legal proceedings or government requests in accordance with the applicable legislation and regulations; (b) apply our Terms of Use and any other applicable terms or policies, in particular to investigate any breaches; (c) detect, investigate, prevent and deal with fraud or any other illegal activity or technical or security issues; (d) protect the rights, property and security of individuals, REPLAY SARL and affiliates or partners, in particular to prevent any imminent death or bodily injury.
Our international activities. REPLAY SARL shares information internationally, both internally with its staff and externally with its direct or indirect Partners and/or Suppliers that you communicate with around the world, in accordance with this Privacy Policy. The information controlled by REPLAY SARL will be transferred or transmitted, or stored and processed, in Switzerland, Hong Kong, the United States or in other countries outside your country of residence, for the purposes set out in this Privacy Policy. These data transfers are necessary to provide and operate the Services or Products and Customer Services set out in our Terms, and to provide them to you across the entire world. We use the model contractual clauses approved by the European Commission and may base ourselves on the adequacy decisions of the European Commission concerning certain countries, where applicable, for the transfer of data from the European Economic Area to the United States and other contracts.

Contact details:

If you are in the European Region.

It is possible to contact the Data Protection Officer for REPLAY SARL.
For any issues concerning our Privacy Policy, please write to use via the “Contact me” section accessible directly via the website.

If you are not in the European Region.

For any issues concerning our Privacy Policy, please write to use via the “Contact me” section accessible directly via the website.

Our processing of your information.

Under European law, companies must have a legal basis for processing data. You have specific rights according to the legal basis we use. We explain these rights to you below. Regardless of the legal basis used, you always have the right to request access to, correction or deletion of your data, in accordance with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). For all persons with the capacity to enter into contractual relations, the data processing that we carry out is necessary for the performance of the contract to which you are a party (the General Terms of Use, “General Terms”). We describe the services provided under the contract for which it is necessary to process data in our General Terms and in the additional information resources accessible from the website.

In relation to the provision of our Services or Products or Customer Services under the contract, the main uses of data are:

  • to provide, improve, personalise and take responsibility for our Services and/or Products and/or Customer Services;
  • ensure security;
  • transfer, transmit, store or process your data in the EEA or outside the EEA, in particular in the United States and other countries;
  • and communicate with you, for example regarding problems related to the website, our Services and/or Products and/or Customer Services.

When we process the data you send us that is necessary for the performance of the contract you have entered into, you have the right to request portability for the data in accordance with the GDPR.
The other legal bases used by us in certain circumstances when we process your data are the following:
Your consent:

  • the collection and use of information that we are authorised to receive via the settings or configurations of the device you have activated (such as access to your GPS coordinates) to enable us to offer the features and services described when you activate the settings or configurations.

When we process the data that you communicate to us with your consent, you have the right to withdraw your consent at any time and to request portability for the data you have communicated to us in accordance with the GDPR.
Our legitimate interests or those of a third party, unless your own interests or fundamental freedoms and rights override these (“legitimate interests”):
For persons who have not reached the age of majority (under 18 in most European countries) and who are not fully empowered to enter into a binding contract, it is possible that we will not be able to process personal data on the basis of contractual necessity. However, when such a person uses our website, our Services and/or Products and/or Customer Services, the following are in our legitimate interests:

  • supplying, improving, personalising or taking responsibility for our various offers;
  • ensuring security;
  • communicating with you, for example about issues linked to the website.

The legitimate interests on which we base this processing are the following:
Securing our platform and network, verifying accounts and their activity, combatting harmful behaviour, detecting and avoiding undesirable content and other unfavourable experiences, ensuring that our website, Services and/or Products and/or Customer Services and those of our Partners or Suppliers or Service Providers are free of harmful or inappropriate content, investigating suspicious activities or breaches of our terms or rules and ensuring the protection of persons who have not reached the age of majority, in particular by avoiding exploitation and other dangers to which these persons are particularly exposed.


11 – How to contact us

For any suggestion, comment or question concerning this Privacy Policy, you can contact us via the contact section that is accessible directly via the site.