Guardian Angel Caliel

The Invokable God

18th Kabbalah Angel

Angelic Tarot Card: Caliel

The Angel Caliel watches over your aura and the field of positive waves that radiate in and around you.

Who’s my guardian angel?

Born between the 16th and 21th of June: my Guardian Angel’s name is Caliel


What does Caliel Means?

Caliel’s meaning : The Invokable God


Who is angel Caliel?

The Angel Caliel watches over your aura and the field of positive waves that radiate in and around you.


Angel Caliel requests that you show exemplary behaviour, and that you put forward your personal skills. Feel free to talk about your desires, your choices, and of well-being that you are unable to feel.


This will support your spirit in a positive way.


The Angel Caliel lets you know that it is crucial for you to always try to do your best because goodwill is always rewarded. You will have less work to do to make others recognise your merits. Abundance will flow towards you.


The Angel Caliel ensures that the energies of Luck move right towards you. And if you act with conviction without doubting your ultimate success, the laurels of victory will be yours


Add to this the positive intentions with regard to the goals that you want to achieve, and you will succeed in all areas.


The Angel Caliel invites you to seek justice, and make this an engine for all of your actions. Avoid all hypocrisy. Consider how the Angel Caliel follows, with the greatest attention, each and every one of your steps.

Guardian Angel Caliel’s characteristics

Angelic Choir: THRONES

Regent Archangel: ZAPHKIEL

Archangel Zaphkiel

God’s knowledge – He is one of the 9 angels that rule Heaven. He is known for helping people when they need to make important decisions.

Angelic Primary planet: SATURN

Angelic Planet: Saturn

Saturn is associated with focus, precision and dedication but also with limitations and restrictions. It influence a person’s long-term planning or foresight.

Angelic Secondary planet: SATURN

Angelic Planet: Saturn

Identical as your Major Planet! This phenomenon strengthen it’s core principles

Hierarchical Color: INDIGO

Angelic Stone: AMAZONITE

Amazonite is a harmony stone, both within yourself and with others. It helps to communicate your true thoughts and feelings in a clear concise way.

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