The Meaning of the number 2021 in Numerology

The Meaning of the number 2021 in Numerology

2021 : The year of rebirth

Did you know that the meaning of numbers, called numerology, has a major influence on your life? After an energy cloistered 2020, a health crisis, confinement… Here comes a new year filled with promises that can bring you change!

The year 2021 represents, in Angelic Numerology, a “year 5”. The 5 itself represents the “Celestial Breath”. 5 is enthusiastic, creative and inspired but also rebellious and inconsistent. It is important to find the balance between the two sides and we are here to guide you through it. Year 5 offers a lot of liberty of expression, of opinion and also action. You won’t get bored in this year 5 since it is synonym of renew for family and work as well as love and happiness.

During an Angelic Reading seance, an entity from the Above world came to announce that this new year “5” would come bearing better energies than the preceding year dominated by “4”. 2020 was a complicated challenge difficult to go through but 2021 appears easy, pleasant and fascinating.

This year will be filled with new interests, new ideas and important developments that will bring back joy, money and freedom in your lives. Furthermore, it’ll allow your life to walk into happiness, but you need to be prepared!

In detail, the meaning of Angelic Numerology for year 2021:

Through the Angelic number 21, the guardian Angels ask us to have faith in all aspects of our life. You need to employ positive affirmations and have positive thoughts to keep your connection with the kingdom of Angels. With this number the Angels will enforce you to stay optimistic and have positive behavior facing the changes in your life. The number 21 also brings the message that there might be new opportunities or directions to take that’ll lead you to better and exciting horizons.

The energies of the angelical number 21 will bring you qualities such as autonomy, motivation, progress, unity and all new beginnings that will lead you to success. This number also means communication, charism, versatility and determination.

With the vibrations of the angelical numbers 1 and 2, the number 21 provides certain qualities very beneficial for you:

Meaning of the number 1

Number 1 makes way for numerous positive things such as new beginning, independence and progress. It invites you to take the path of happiness and to stay optimistic in all circumstances. Now and then you’ll get that loneliness sensation but know that it is completely the opposite, number 1 is the symbol of your unique bond, your unique connection to a celestial being and the Angelic numerology can help you find who he is.

Meaning of the number 2

Number two is associated with qualities related to “the sense of duty and service”. It also represents the balance and harmony in private life: understanding, comprehension and love in relations, to guide individuals towards personal and inner blossoming. Thus, the double presence of the number 2 in this new year will allow your energy to reach a higher level of awareness so that you can fulfil all your celestial goals.

“Whatever the combination of numbers that you might come across on a regular basis, the meaning of this year is indubitably the will of your guardian Angel trying to contact you. I’m here to help you make that connection. All you need to do is fill out the form below.”

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    2021, the year of rebirth and opportunity

    This new year, you wish from all your heart that the world will get better, in a way that you can live serenely with everyone. You wish to better your surroundings and do all you can so that better days might come. The year of rebirth will bring you comfort, support and love to your heart.

    To better get ready for the upcoming events in 2021, the Angels gave several pieces of very good information to help you fulfil your wishes:

    You’ll see that every single month has its own ruling Angel, which is the One you shall turn for advice and guidance during complicated periods.


    JANUARY – Month of resolution – Angel Umabel

    FEBRUARY – Month of efficiency – Angel Lelahel

    MARCH – Month of celestial presents – Angel Lelahel

    APRIL – Month of health – Angel Yeiazel

    MAY – Month of perseverance – Angel Vehuel

    JUNE – Month of Fathers – Angel Mumiah

    JULY – Month of balance – Angel Eyael

    AUGUST – Month of harmony – Angel Mahasiah

    SEPTEMBER – Month of family – Angel Mitzrael

    OCTOBER – Month of liberty – Angel Hahaiah

    NOVEMBER – Month of discovery – Angel Pahaliah

    DECEMBER – Month of cohesion – Angel Mebahiah

    Beings of the Angelical World determined, through numerology, a series of dates during which big changes will be favoured. They are the following: January 21st, February 21st, May 5th, July 21st, November 21st and December 12th, 2021.