Autumnal Equinox

Autumnal Equinox

The 23rd of September 2019 will present the second equinox of the year and announce the coming of Autumn. It’s a new equilibrium, a passage, a reverence. Autumn is a period of change and a spiritual upheaval. It precedes Winter, that is oftenly dreaded, but offer a spectacle of live and warm colors. Nature metamorphoses and the day gives way to the night. This equinox will balance your psychic and spiritual bodies. Take a moment to listen to your spiritual body, center your energies and express your gratitude.


What will you experience for the Autumnal Equinox?


Next September 23 you will pass through some weaknesses, it’s your body getting ready to fight the cold and the darkness. You will feel overwhelmed or even obsolete. But keep your focus on your spirituality. These changes, Nature is going through, should come as a source of inspiration for you especially if you are changing something in your life or if you are about to. Inspire yourself and go for it! There will be an energy boost on September 23rd for the  Equinox. This change offers a new Cycle and marks the beginning of a new Astrological Year. If you feel guilty about not starting your life projects in the start of the year 2019, 23rd September is probably the right moment you’ve been waiting for…

Which Archangel will guide you through Autumn?

Autumn Angel

Experience this autumn under the benevolence of Archangel Michael


Autumn is the harvest season. Just like Nature, we harvest what we have undertaken and maintained: project, wishes, prayers, feelings… Archangel Michael will help in showing you that what you’ve done that is good, and will reveal all the good in you. His message encourages you to never give up and to keep believing in yourself. It’s time to get focused and get back to basics. It is also time to recollect and express your gratitude. With Michael’s support, free yourself from negative and harmful energies. Give your attention to your special ones. Be thankful for all positivity in your life, for all that is good for you.


Take advantage of this upcoming event, Equinox,
and discover how to change your life!



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