The Seven Archangels

The Seven Archangels

The archangels, who supervise the angels, are 7. Before being able to call upon them, it’s good to know about their specific characteristics. That way, you can immediately call upon the Archangel in charge of the domain that you wish to change in your life.


The Seven Archangels are heavenly beings closest to God. So you can solicit them at leisure as they always will be of great help.

1- Metatron, He who is next to God

Metatron is an important archangel considered very close to God in Judaism as Chancellor of heaven: one that directs and organizes the celestial kingdom. Metratron is not only the Archangel nearest to God, but also one that has the most original journey to the extent that he was a man that God called to him and to whom he conferred the status of Archangel because of his exceptional abilities. For many, it is Enoch, great-grandfather of Noah and the patriarch author the Book of Enoch found in the Old Testament. Metraton is a great scribe who writes the various events of our existence in the Great Book of Life. It gives us sufficient clarity of mind to make the right decisions, help us to know our limits and our true nature.

2- Michael, Saint Archangel and the Great Therapist

The peculiarity of Michael, one of the best known archangels, is being a saint without having been human. He is a heavenly being who has always lived in the heavens and has been made holy by God because of the good deeds he has done on his mission on Earth.

Saint Michael is considered the healer archangel or the Great Therapist because of his therapeutic and spiritual healing abilities. He is the patron saint of the sick which one can call upon to prevent or cure diseases. St. Michael is the patron saint of professions at risk (soldiers, sailors, fishermen, police, health professionals) but also to any person required to take responsibility and to put themselves in danger for good causes.

3- Jophiel, Archangel of Knowledge

Jophiel’s name means “Beauty of God.” This is the archangel of aestheticism, refinement and the symbol of all the wonders of the universe. Jophiel imparts knowledge and educates those who call on him. He’s a guardian archangel of the Torah (divine instruction sent by Moses to the Jewish people) who taught men the 70 languages spoken at the dawn of humanity.

Jophiel is a warrior archangel at the head of fifty-three legions of angels. He is the archangel of wisdom, enlightenment and steady effort. He (or she, as sometimes depicted in female form) encourages to seek beauty in all areas of life and to make ones existence a work of art.

4- Uriel, Archangel of Roots

Uriel is an archangel in charge of the Earth and the search for self. He helps people find their way. Uriel helps you to take root and find your identity. Regular invocation clarifies your mind and helps you to make the right decision based on your intuition. People using Uriel see beyond appearances, they pierce the veil and access the Ultimate Truth.

Uriel’s specialty is to transmit divine knowledge of earthlings and the help materialize divine purpose for this world. He is also the archangel of creativity, and inspiration that helps pursue intellectual goals.

5- Gabriel, Archangel of Revelations

Gabriel means “God is my strength.” He is known as the Angel of Revelation that brings important messages. It was he who was responsible for transmitting the good news to the Virgin Mary telling her that she would soon be the mother of the son of God, Christ in Christianity, a prophet also recognized by Islam.

Gabriel is invoked to have a clear mind that can help make the right decisions in all circumstances, bring about good luck and live the life of your dreams. Gabriel also helps to gain enough confidence to change ones living conditions, improve relations and communication skills.

6- Raphaël, Archangel of Healing

The name Raphael means “God heals.” Raphael is the archangel of healing. Raphael helps people make sincere efforts to improve their existence whether from the psychic point of view, physical and spiritual. Raphael did everything possible to get people to follow the divine purposes intended for them to experience the joy of God on Earth.

We invoke Raphael to heal injuries and illnesses, whether spiritual, mental, emotional or physical. He is associated with divine joy, laughter, humor, making a situation less dramatic. He protects the people who seek the true love of God or love of another human being.

7- Samuel, Archangel of Harmonious Relationships

Samuel means “one who Sees God.” Samuel is a spiritual guide to help people to experience God’s love and to approach it as much as possible. He is also invoked to facilitate relationships between people, improve the ability of communication and forgive offenses made to you. Samuel is also an important messenger sent by God in cases of capital missions. He came to Earth to comfort Adam and Eve after their expulsion from Earthly Paradise by Archangel Jophiel on God’s orders.

Samuel guides the people who so request on the way they should go to succeed in this life. This archangel also facilitates the search for inner peace, the pacification of the passions and the elimination of negative emotions.

Why only 7 Archangels?

We have selected only seven archangels list in our writings, there are many others based on traditions. Indeed, the archangels are mentioned in so many traditions that their number, their names and personalities vary. The four most important archangels are Michael, Gabriel, Raphael and Uriel.

Thus, we find on the tarot cards: Gabriel on the judgment card, Raphael on that of the lover, Michel that of temperance and Uriel on that of the devil.

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