Understanding Angel Signs

Understanding Angel Signs

« Beauty is in the eyes of the beholder. »

– Oscar Wilde –


Angel Signs are all around you. In your house, on the objects surrounding you, in your garden, the streets, in the air, smells, rain, in the sun and all over the skies. You need to be careful to spot them but you also need to be able to interpret the signs of an Angel looking upon you; signs that represent the direct contact point between the Angels and you.

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How do Angels communicate with you ?


Angels truly know you. This is how They know which signs are capable of reaching you or get a reaction from you and which ones make sense and echo through your spirit, so They can guide you on your Light Path. Angel Signs are the ultimate proof of Their presence in your life. Angels are real spiritual beings that exist through a frequence very different from human’s. And that is why They communicate through signs.
Concentrate your attention on the present and open your mind here and now, it’ll help you notice the Angel Signs around you. Some signs might look unimportant, but they grow on energy, and in frequence, if you give them the necessary attention.

It is known and repeated that Angel Numbers are used by the Angels to directly contact the Human beings that live on this beautiful planet full of mysteries and magic. But Numbers are in reality one of the numerous Sign types.

What are the other Angel Signs? What are their meaning? And how do they manifest themselves?

Different Angel Signs:

Feathers: When Angels Are Near…

Of all the Angel Signs used by the Beings of Light to contact us, one of the most recurring are the Feathers.
When you notice a feather on your way, during a walk, on your windshield or just near you while you are sitting somewhere, it means that Angels are close to you, filing your aura with love and protection, and trying to pass an important message.
For feathers, each color has a special and unique meaning:

White Feathers

Your Guardian Angel is close to you, for the good and the bad moments in your life, and He’s trying to get you to concentrate on His presence.

Black Feathers

Your Guardian Angel is contacting you to confirm that your actual life is going through a spiritual awakening and that He is here to guide you in this Light path against eventual second thoughts.

Black & White Feathers

Your Guardian Angel is manifesting to inform you that change is coming your way. It could be the end of a difficult chapter or the beginning of a new, spiritually motivating one, about to cross your path. Your Guardian Angel asks for your patience and enthusiasm to welcome this event in your life.

Blue Feathers

Your angel realizes that your psychic abilities are in expansion. Your keen eye for detail and your concentration and learning abilities are very effective at the moment. Now is, therefore, the best moment to take important decisions and to listen to your instincts.

Grey Feathers

Your Angel knows you better than anyone else ever will. He knows everything about your sorrows, your sad moments or even about the painful moment you have overcome. With grey feathers, He informs you that a difficult test is about to disappear from your life to make room for peace and happiness so you can fully enjoy the miracles of life.

Brown Feathers

Your Angel contacts you to inform you that you’re feeling very healthy or will soon. Your Angel encourages you to keep feeling inside you that source of light emerging from your body. The same light taking care of your cells and energy.

Yellow Feathers

With yellow feathers, no matter what you are doing, no matter how hard a choice might seem, no matter the choices you’re dealing with right now, no matter the consequences of your actions; your Angel congratulates you, because you are on the right path. He manifests Himself to you to feel proud of your decisions and to persevere on this right path.

Green Feathers

Your Guardian Angel inform you that your inner visualization is positively working and will make positive changes in your reality. If « beauty is in the eyes of the beholder », yours are wide open.

Red Feathers

Red as Passion! Red as Feelings! Red as Love ! With Red Feathers, your Guardian Angel wants to inform you that you will soon meet your loved one and invites you to feel confident about it.
For people who already have someone in their sentimental life, red feathers transmit a sign of strength for your relationship, for a long term stability.

Pink Feathers

When angels manifest themselves with Pink Feather, it simply means that a newborn is about to appear within your family. They appeal to your enthusiasm and good will to become a loving mother or father, aunt or uncle, grandmother or grandfather; guiding positively the newborn in his/her life, the same loving way your angel is guiding yours day after day.


Clouds: Shapes that communicate with you

When you look up towards the sky and notice a cloud shape that reminds you of an Angel, it is, once again, an angelic sign, meant to reassure you of their presence by your side.
Angels may also point out clouds with shapes of houses, hearts, or any other form and symbol that can be a source of spiritual inspiration on your path.
As Charlie Chaplin used to say, « you’ll never find a rainbow if you’re looking down ». So raise your eyes to the Celestial skies et let yourself be guided.
Speaking of rainbows…


Rainbows: The Angelic Bridge

…they’re a symbol of Divine Love. Whether you appeal to your angel with a request or a prayer, a rainbow confirms that your angel is listening to you and that you will be answered soon. Therefore, this type of manifest is a positive message from your guardian angel. It is time for you to be patient and confident about your life which is about to shine.


Pleasant Scents: Smells from your past

Have you ever smelled a pleasant scent without understanding where it comes from? Then, you are once again in the presence of an Angel Sign. Angels often mark their presence through pleasant scents. Whether it is through a rich and sweet scent of delicious warm chocolate, through the freshness coming from flower petals or through a perfume scent that reminds you of a loved being and catches you in a whirlwind of memories, shining your day…


Babies and Animals: Communicating with pure beings

Babies and Animals own an ability that adults have unfortunately repressed: the pure ability of attention allowing one to see Angels around them. You can say that Angels are communicating with pureness. You surely have already been confronted with a baby, looking over him, or focusing on a precise area around him? Or maybe you have been confronted with an animal who is paying attention to something invisible for your eyes? It is very likely that this invisible being is an angel.
Such as sound vibrations that can only be heard by animals, Angels are also an invisible frequency for humans but visible by them.
In the presence of Angels, babies, small children and animals feel happy and safe.


Music: Angelic Message Through Sounds

Whether it comes from delicate piano notes, from a violin melody or from a powerful and epic orchestra sound, music remains one of the most revealing Signs of Angels. Among the gathered testimonials, many come from people whose first angelical contact was made through music, thanks to a melody who keeps repeating in their mind. Therefore, lose yourself in these notes played with harmony on the musical score of your life, orchestrated by your Guardian Angel.


Coins: Looking Closer to Angelic Details

Finding a coin represents protection and guidance from your Guardian Angel. This coin has been deliberately brought in front you as a reminder of your Angel’s love to you, how much He values your being and of His guidance in your life.
If you take a closer look at the coin, is there a particular year that reminds you of someone or something? If so, let the divine light awake your senses and listen to your instinct.


Rays Of Light and Light Reflections: Angelic Presence Through Light

As they were described many times, Angels are beings of Love and Light.
If you notice rays of light, rays of color, shining stars, luminous flashes or light coming from an unknown source that captures your attention, it means that your guardian angel is there to communicate with you.
If that is the case, close your eyes, breathe peacefully while relaxing your spirit and let yourself be immersed in this peaceful angel light.


Temperature Changes and Body Signs: Communication Through Physiology

Angels comforting touch manifests itself by temperature variations around you.
Whether you suddenly feel cooler or warmer and inside or outside your house, whether you have sudden goosebumps, feel some sort of pressure on your shoulders or pinchings on your body, it means that an Angel is enfolding you on His divine light.


Angelic Instinct: You know the Answer

If it is common for you to feel surrounded by an Angel, it is very likely that you are right.
Sometimes, Angels awaken your instincts and make you aware of details around you. Pay attention to it! It might be a book in a library! Or even a message heard on TV! Or even just a symbol from a commercial! It can be anything, anytime, anywhere. Trust the process. Trust your Guardian Angel. He will guide you better than anyone else.


Positive Inner Voices: Listen to yourself

Imagine yourself facing a life challenge : it might be an exam, a job interview, a medical condition, a new experience that scares you or facing strong doubts and concerns. Then, suddenly, an inner voice tells you: “you can do it”.
Angels are using your inner voice to communicate with you and give you this spark of hope and perseverance to make sure that your actions, thoughts and energy bring you the best results, not only for your life, but for your self-confidence as well! For your spirit! For the light that shines upon you!
When you say to yourself “the other day, I thought that I…” you could be saying “the other day, my angel told me that I…”. You and your Guardian Angel became ONE!


Signs of Angels watching over you manifest themselves through many forms and are there to bring you infinite possibilities of self-improvement.
The secret relies on being present in this very moment and on opening your conscience widely to the Angel Signs around you.
When a sign appears in your life, breathe, be fully conscious and grateful of your Guardian Angel. He is embracing you with all the spiritual light you need in this exact moment.

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