Angel Numbers

Angel Numbers

“If you want to find the secrets of the universe, think in terms of energy, frequency and vibration.”

Nikola Tesla –


Have you ever noticed, in your everyday routine, digits or numbered sequences right in front of your eyes? Like 11:11 appearing on your alarm clock or reading 444 on a license plate? Maybe while remembering your dream from last night or while reading or watching any source of information ? Have you ever wondered what this is and what’s its meaning? This phenomenon is known as « angel numbers » and it’s one of the communication tools angels use to contact us.



What’s The Sacred Science of The Angel Numbers?

Angel numbers combine science and spirituality in their purest form.

At the centre of every study on energetic vibration of numbers, it is proven that the universe is defined by mathematics. Each digit has a clear meaning that anyone can use to find guidance in their daily life.

Famous philosophers and mathematicians always concurred in saying that « numbers rule the universe ». Mathematics are in everything : in music, in geometry, in Celestial body’s measuring units but also in many other areas of science. And like every single thing in the universe, angel numbers are carried by a very powerful energetic vibration that brings an unlimited source of information to the universe.

Understanding the meaning of angel numbers, along with their vibrations and frequencies, equals understanding the magic of creation itself. And through these vibrations, angels communicate with human beings to send them specific messages.

Indeed, it is important to know that every digit (1 to 9), every « master number » (11, 22, 13, 33) and every combination of numbers (1111, 333, 444, 555) have a specific meaning. Numbers can also be linked together so that, when deciphered, you might find a message that angels have for you.


Angel Signs That Catch Your Attention

When you keep seeing the same numbers continuously appearing around you, or when you look at specific digits, it means that angels are trying to get your attention on something important. The angels want you to interpret the message’s vibrational meaning, to ease your mind, to immerse your spirit or just for you to think about these angelic numbers, their meaning but also their goal.



Angel Numbers And Their Meaning


111 –
Angel Number meaning

This angel number means that angels are asking you to be the gatekeeper for your negative thoughts and replace them with positive ones. Focus your thoughts and spirit on what you truly want and forget about the rest. These numbers are also a sign that an opportunity will be appearing very soon in your life thanks to the vibrations of your positive thoughts.


– 222 –
Angel Number meaning

Each time you see the number “2”, angels are trying to inform you that your new ideas or goals recently added to your subconscious, will soon become reality. The angels ask you to keep your focus on them and to wrap them with positive energies. Soon enough they’ll bring you what you always wished for in your life. If you focus on the good and positive things you will remain on the right track.


– 333 –
Angel Number meaning

By the angel number “3”, the Beings of Light show you proof of their presence around you, bringing you help, love and guidance in your daily life. When the number “3” reveals itself to you, ask your angel anything good you want.


– 444 –
Angel Number meaning

It is through this number that angels connect with you about your professional life and its stability to warn you about an important detail. They request that you to keep your career goals in mind and that to devote all your positive energies into it.


– 555 –
Angel Number meaning

With the number “5”, angels are preparing you for a major turning point in your life. It cannot be labelled as « positive » or « negative » as every change is a natural phenomenon in life. Maybe this change is related to your early prayers ? If so, continue to feel peaceful. Your angel will always be by your side to protect you and guide you.


– 666 –
Angel Number meaning

Your mind is strongly unstable at this moment. You might be worrying too much about your material life or your emotions that could be unbalanced.

Angels are asking you to bring balance to your thoughts. They want you to focus on your spirit and on your breathing, so that your material and emotional needs may achieve perfect harmony again.


– 777 –
Angel Number meaning

Through the number “7”, Angels  are congratulating you. You are on the right track !

Keep on growing your good thoughts, positive energies and trust in this process: your wishes are becoming a reality. This is a very positive sign from the heavens. You can also anticipate more miracles in your life.


– 888 –
Angel Number meaning

Your angel informs you that a phase of your life is about to come to an end. A new chapter is about to begin for your own good. Whether you are going through an emotional or professional change, your angel is guiding you on the path of personal growth even if it might seem scary.


– 999 –
Angel Number meaning

Your angel informs you through this angelic number that something has now come to an end, and it’s very positive ! A personal or global phase is now over. It implies that, no matter how unsure you might have felt on taking a decision, it is now ended and you can regain trust.


– 000 –
Angel Number meaning

Through these numbers, angels remind you that you are ONE with the universe. They want you to feel their love and the cosmos presence inside you. Your spirit is then filled with peace and harmony and you can sincerely feel your belonging in everything in the universe.


Quick reminder : If a digit repeats itself into a sequence of numbers, it implies that the angelic message has a stronger level of energy.

For example: If digit 5 appears to you, it is the digit of change.
If it appears to you into the sequence 555, it means that a change is about to come SOON. However, if the sequence is 55555, it means that a change is about to come VERY SOON.

The more it repeats itself, the more the message’s energy is powerful.


The Meaning Of Combined Angelic Numbers

When different digits are combined into a sequence, the meaning becomes the sum of every digit.

For example : 234 : it means that your wishes are about to come true, thanks to the guidance of your angel on a professional level.

Another way to decipher the message behind the combinated angel numbers is to add them, until getting one only.

For example:  444.     4 + 4 + 4 = 12. 1 + 2 = 3.

In this example, you need to search for the meaning of the angelic number “3”.

Also keep in mind that the reason why angels keep sending you the same numbers over and over again is because they want you to fully understand their message and they won’t stop until you get full knowledge of their message, the same way you would call over and over again until the person you’re trying to reach answers your call.


When Angelic Numbers Disappear From Your Life. What It Means…

Many people wonder what happens when angel numbers suddenly disappear from their daily lives.

Be reassured, it doesn’t mean your angels gave up on you. Do not worry. Angels have an infinite love for you, patience and compassion. They will always help you, even when your life choices and life path don’t coincide with your fundamental values.

Your angels will never judge you and will always bring you a devoted and pure life guidance along your way.

Keep in mind that the angels guidance exists in many forms and angel numbers only represent one of the many ways beings of light can reach out to you.

Whenever you feel worried about the disappearance of angel numbers in your life, change your  thoughts by focusing on new frequencies and choose a new purpose. That way you will open your conscience to get the advice and knowledge your angels are trying to provide you through other channels.

Meditation is a very powerful and efficient way to reach them.


In conclusion…

When you see angel numbers, open your spiritual aura, let the angelic light take possession of your being, let yourself be guided by the angels across the path of wisdom and let them bring you the trust you need for your life path.

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