Guardian Angel Prayers

Guardian Angel Prayers

«If you pray when it rains, make sure you also pray when the sun shines. »
Khalil Gibran


Guardian Angels are message carriers but are also listening to the prayers we address them. Praying to Guardian Angels is the most common way to contact them. This contact usually translates into a request or a wish, no matter the reason. Here’s how you can contact your Guardian Angel through prayer:

Why choose prayer to contact your Guardian Angel?

The word “prayer” comes from the latin “precaria” that means to ask. Prayer is an intimate work or talk directed to the Guardian Angel. It is a very strong spiritual communication that bounds you to Him. Prayer isn’t only a request. It is also a confession or a way of showing your gratitude. Through prayer, there’s hope. You expect that it’ll be heard by your Guardian Angel but what you really want is to find answers to your questions, find out something new and positive or simply live happier. It is a positive feeling and turns the spirituality of your prayer into something virtuous. To expect from your Guardian Angel is giving Him your trust and place yourself under His protection. Through prayer you open yourself spiritually and trust your thoughts and words to your Guardian Angel. There is no rule or perfect prayer? Praying is very personal and most intimate. It is between you and your Guardian Angel.

Why do we invoke our Guardian Angel through Prayer?

There are thousands of reasons to pray to your Guardian Angel. Some of us are looking for His protection. He watches over us, it is His mission. He is then listening to us, watching us and our actions, feeling what we feel and He pays attention to our words when we take in praying.


Guardian Angel Praying Payers


Let’s have a closer look on why we choose to invoke our Guardian Angels:


Guardian Angel Prayers for Love

It is not Love that makes you suffer but it’s absence. When we are loveless, we are hoping, waiting. We hope to find someone and to be loved by someone. Praying to your Guardian Angel allows us to express to him this lacking feeling, so we ask Him to help us find Love – again -. We might suffer from lost love, a prayer to your Guardian Angel is here to bring you hope in this most needed healing stage.

Pray to the Angels Michael and Raphael to find Love.

Guardian Angel Prayers for Money

The desire for Good Fortune isn’t new for lots of us? We aim to live easily and to be able to have what we lust for. Usually we acquire money through work. It is possible for some of us to play for money, or to invest for profitability. Whatever it might be, a lot of people wish to be rich one day and trust their Guardian Angels with their prayers hoping for them to come true.

Pray to the Angel Gabriel to enjoy Wealth and Abundance.

Guardian Angel Prayers for Health

To live healthy physically and mentally isn’t at the reach of everyone, unfortunately. There are many ways to improve your health and wellbeing, but the Guardian Angels also act as guarantors to support you throughout illness. In prayer, our sincerest wish is to heal or to see a loved one heal. We pray our Guardia, Angel to guide us on the path of recovery and remission. Even through physical suffering, prayer helps us to relieve the pains that weigh mentally.

Pray to the Angels Michael and Raphael to Heal and gain Health.

Guardian Angel Prayers for Luck

Finally, whether you wish to find Love, be Wealthy or Healthy, we all crave to be touched by Lady Luck. We pray our Guardian Angel to grant us Luck to live a better and happier life or we pray to thank Him for the Luck we’ve been having so far. One thing is certain, you pray for Luck, always. You might ignore that you prayers are making you a better person.

Pray to the Angels Michael and Raziel for Luck.


Where and How to address a Prayer to you Guardian Angel?

The power of our prayers reside in the faith we have for our Guardian Angel. To get close to your Guardian Angel, that is, spiritually, prayer should be done in a calm space, whether it’s at home or in a peaceful room, or even in a forest to get close to nature’s spirituality. When we take time to collect ourselves, we are refocusing in our thoughts. It is when we are able to let our words be free and ascend to the skies, towards our Guardian Angel.


How are Guardian Angel Prayers answered?

Guardian Angels listen and welcome prayers from Their protectees. Their protector role is followed by benevolence and compassion. Unfortunately, we aren’t able to see Them or talk to Them face to face but our Guardian Angels do communicate with us through signs like a rainbow, a sound, light, even a cloud.
We need to be present to pay attention to Angel Signs…

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