The Infinite Aid of Archangels and Angels

The Infinite Aid of Archangels and Angels

The Heavenly Kingdom is populated by many Archangels and Angels are the two categories of the nearest celestial beings to God. These categories are called hierarchies. There are three hierarchies and celestial beings, themselves divided into three choirs. Angels and Archangels can help us but to do this, we need to fulfill certain conditions.


Archangels and Angels are of course the Messengers of God (Messenger is also the meaning of the word angel) but they also have special features that distinguish them when you need to call on them.

Feel free to do so at any moment and at any time of day or night. By their divine nature, Archangels and Angels do not sleep, are never tired and are always available to us twenty-four hours a day!

They won’t act on your behalf

Before calling to them, there is one thing you should know: they will help you, constantly and at will, but they will not act on your behalf except where you are at risk of great danger, especially mortal danger.

If you call upon them, it is a good idea to believe in them beforehand, even if this is not a requirement for them to intervene in your favor. They are obviously above these partisan considerations.

Archangels and Angels will help you, whatever your religion, your tradition, your race, your social, your intelligence …

Even if you do not uphold traditions or beliefs, you could benefit from their help. Angels and Archangels don’t discriminate.

However, if you simply pray, asking their intercession … and then just wait for something to happen, you’re unlikely to see a Archangel or an Angel!

The speed of their intervention and the effectiveness thereof are linked in part you believing in their existence, but above all the intensity of your involvement in actions to solve the problem in question or fulfill the wish of your choice. These are essential conditions for their assistance.

I am not even talking about their appearance which is often reserved for important instances and when capital events to be announced as the Annunciation by the Archangel Gabriel of the birth of Jesus to the Virgin Mary in Catholicism or when Archangel Jophiel drove Adam and Eve from the Garden of Eden.


Help yourself and heaven will help you !

You may be familiar with this phrase “Help yourself and heaven will help you! “. There exists another which has the same meaning and said: “Take a step towards God and he shall take a hundred steps toward thee!” Both formulas are equivalent.

We advise you to make one of them your personal motto and use it for your whole existence because one or the other perfectly sum up the mindset to have when you want the intervention of an Angel or Archangel!

Never show inactivity when you want something: more money, more love, more luck, more of everything you want!

Also, once your prayer is sent to Heaven for an angel or archangel in particular, analyze what you want and show your good intentions. Show your positive mindset by thinking and acting in the direction of the request for which you need an angelic assistance.

In the case of a problem to solve, try to make a list of the conceivable solutions. If you see the solution, force yourself to apply all your strength, with all your soul and with conviction.

If you have a wish that you want to see accomplished, do the same. Imagine this wish and how you can make it come true or help its materialization, whether by thoughts, words or beneficial actions.


Practice the Heavenly Angelic Chain

 Every human action is the result of a TWA process (Thought-Word-Action): a thought followed by word and finalized by action.

Often the word does not come into play and you move from thought to action but the word is used in this case to express your problem or speak of your vow, especially if other people have to be involved in the process of solving your problem or that of the materialization of your desire.

Apply the principle of the Heavenly Angelic Chain in the process of solving your problem or achieving your wish.

The principle of Heavenly Angelic chain, as its name suggests, is to “bind” (in the sense of accomplishing) a Thought process – Word – beneficial nature of Action. That is to say: a beneficial thought must be followed by a positive word and materialized by a beneficial effect.

If you do so, you not only have all the chances to solve your problems or satisfy your craving but quickly benefit from the assistance and intervention of the Angel or Archangel assigned to this task.


You must have positive intentions

This is an indispensable condition for receiving angelic favors but there is no concept of morality in this condition; simply an application of the law of causes and consequences related to the “tone” of your original intentions.

If your original intentions are negative as wanting to hurt others, exploit, their lie, deceive … angels obviously will not help you.

However, if you have a sincere intention to do positive things and to seek the Angel and Archangels, they will help you automatically. It is a cosmic and celestial law which is found in all traditions.





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