Friday 13th – Which Angel will bring you Luck?

Friday 13th – Which Angel will bring you Luck?

With a Friday 13th closing up, it is time to talk about… Luck! Forget about bad omens and curses. There are Angels all around you, watching over you and doing all They can to bring you happiness and Luck.

Find out which Angels will bring you good fortune!

The Lucky Archangel


Amongst the Angels that look upon us, Raziel is the One that will bring you the best of luck and happiness. He is the Archangel of abundance and good fortune. People can count on him every day, it might be just finding a bill on the street or hitting a jackpot on a casino. But money isn’t the only reason you should be counting on Raziel and shouldn’t be the only reason to consider something lucky! The Angel of Luck lights-up your spirit, helps you understand the opportunities that appears to you and guides you in making the right decisions. In the end,  being lucky is a question of making good choices and acting righteously. Luck might present itself in many ways, Love, Friendship, Money, Health but it is always a path to happiness.

Raziel isn’t the only Angel capable of bringing you Luck. Let’s talk about the 13th Angel…

Who is the 13th Angel


Rochel is the 13th Angel. He’ll bring you Luck while chasing away all adversity surrounding your aura. He will protect you from all nuisance, bad events and people that might influence you badly. Bring you luck is His utmost priority. Rochel will encourage you to take actions that will bring you happiness. You’ll then realize that you are able to self attract luck.

What does angelic number 13 means ?


No need to fear the number 13. If you see this Angel Number appear to you, don’t run away from it. It is a sign that Angels are trying to get your attention or trying to communicate with you. Their goal is to put you on the right path and protect you from danger or bad intentions. Most of the time, signs around number 13 evoque the coming of something upsetting in your life. Good or bad, these events will come for rightful reasons and will help you grow spiritually.

Is Friday the 13th still scary for you?


Friday 13th luck


Find out how your Guardian Angel will help you find Luck!



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