You are not alone

You are not alone

Archangels and angels protect you in the Invisible. You are not a lone person in this life from a spiritual perspective. Whatever your current situation, and even if you imagine yourself in the most utmost loneliness, this is never the case. There is always an angel to watch over you. He will help you as soon as you want and as  soon as you call him.


First, there is a point to be addressed is fundamental in archangeology (study of the archangels) and angelology (study of angels): no human being is alone or isolated even if he lives in extreme solitude.

Solitude does not exist

Physical solitude, that is to say, the fact of living alone, either by choice or due to circumstances such as a divorce, a breakup, a death, the departure of children or parents … does not mean that the people in question are abandoned.

Indeed, over every human being, there is an archangel or angel watching over him. Sometimes hermits or those living withdrawn from the world in an environment devoid of humans are less alone than many people living in society but living alone or have little contact with the outside.

Indeed, a hermit, for example, even living in a cave deep in a remote area may be less lonely than an inhabitant of our modern cities, as he is connected to God and often an archangel who guards him and / or an archangel to whom he appealed.

If a person lives in the heart of a big city but remains isolated in his solitude, physically or mentally by refusing contact with others or having no connection with others, he is worse off than our hermit living permanently in connection with the divine world.

Similarly, many people having important social lives and a full appointment book for weeks may be, in fact, completely isolated, and escaping his loneliness by losing themselves in many activities.

Avoid unnecessary restlessness

Indeed, by trying to keep busy all day, some people are trying to escape their problems and not find themselves alone with their thoughts.

You can certainly also listen to the advice of others and reflect in your daily life but no one better to find solutions to your own problems and ways to live the life of your dreams. In fact, the solutions are not to look outside of yourself but inside of you. As long as you push yourself to turn outward and not inward you will be able to change your living conditions, find solutions to your problems and positively change the course of your existence.

Of course, you can also have the sincere desire to improve your life (that is already a good thing) but do not know how. Indeed, in our quest for happiness, our worst enemy is often ourselves when we refuse to change our ideas or our behaviour when we are wrong. The fact of agreeing to change your situation is first step in a long journey of working on your personal changes.

This is not about judging yourself, but about recognising that your life does not suit you and having the humility to accept changes you need to make. Otherwise you will not get out of your problems and you will not evolve if you do not change the ideas or attitudes behind your unsatisfactory life or your past failures.

Look to the angels

Once you’ve taken that first step of accepting change by recognizing your weaknesses and have thus opened before you the doors of all possibilities, you just choose the most appropriate way to change what you do not like in your life. At this stage, you can never go wrong if you choose to call on the archangels and angels to help and assist you on the path of your evolution

If you choose this angelic path, you will quickly realize that you are not walking in solitude. You quickly will detect the signs they send you to assist you in your evolution. To call upon the angels:

  1. Believe firmly in their existence and in their ability to help,
  2. Visualize the wish that you want to see come true with positive intentions by imagining your life once it is completed.
  3. Ask for help from your guardian angel even if you do not know his name (he will tell you one way or another)
  4. Take action in the realization of the desire that you want to fulfill with this mindset and you will soon see your wish come true.

Take action with the certainty that you are not alone, and have a guardian angel by your side and he will eventually manifest to you one way or another and will help you change your existence the most suitable way for your personality and what is good for you. Even if you do not get results at first, do not give up and practice this Call to the Angels consistently to achieve your desires.

The call to the Angels will be your preferred practice to contact the Archangels and angels and familiarize yourself with them. Think of them as your best allies in life and your best friends for you can always call on them regularly.





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