The Archangels of Healing

The Archangels of Healing

Archangels and Angels also have defined functions that can perform many other tasks. We introduce here the Archangels of Healing. They can handle both and even incurable physical illnesses, as well as psychological and spiritual diseases.


Archangels and Angels are beings of light that exist in the form of pure vibrations of an intensity that would be unbearable by most humans in their original appearance. They vibrate at a high level of vibration.

This is why, when they appear to humans, the angels lower their level of vibration at a low frequency so that we can endure their sight and their presence without being injured psychologically or physically by them.

Angels and Archangels healing bodies and hearts

Thus there is among all the Angels and Archangels beings of light, specialized in spiritual and psychological therapies that have an impact on the body.

When these celestial Therapists provide assistance to humans, usually for spiritual problems, their actions not only are good for the soul, mind or heart but also impact the body.

Indeed, many physical illnesses often have spiritual origins in the sense that emotional problems often affect the body.

No need to mention the influence of physical illness on the mind insofar as when one is sick, one is often depressed, has dark thoughts, is sad, apathetic, there is less desire to act … this phenomenon has been observed for a long time.

However, the recognition of negative emotions and states of mind on the body just beginning to be recognized for some time by Western medicine under the name of psychosomatic diseases.

Among psychosomatic illnesses are admitted including: stomach ulcer, gastric disorders, asthma, skin diseases, canker sores …

From a logical point of view, if we are able to create these diseases above ourselves, why the Angels and Archangels, omnipotent and omniscient beings, would they not be able to purify our mind and soul , taking care to have a beneficial effect on our body?

Also you can call to all the angels and archangels when you need spiritual healing, emotional or physical. However, it is rather advisable to seek the intercession of the Archangels and Therapist Angels.


Archangels and Spiritual Therapist Angels

The Archangel Chamuel, whose name means “He who Seeks God,” helps to deepen your spiritual path and beliefs. He facilitates the expression of love and feelings between people. He helps develop the love of oneself. He also helps to end relationships nicely, free of violence and in a peaceful way by avoiding bitterness and dramatic separations.

The Archangel Gabriel, whose name means “Strength of God,” is famous for having announced to Mary that she would bear the Son of God in Catholicism. But it is also one of the most important messengers of God and a great therapist. He helps to strengthen the body and guide people who intend to have children.

The Archangel Michael, whose name means “He who loves God,” is known as the one who struck the dragon, a symbol of Satan. He will help you grow spiritually and deepen your knowledge in the spiritual realm to find the ultimate cure: absolute spiritual awareness. He gives strength to get rid of negative emotions and develop positive feelings.

The Archangel Raphael, whose name means “God heals”, helps heal animals and humans spiritually, emotionally and physically. He also protects from dangers while traveling and on trips. This is the protector of all those working in the fields of health and medical.

The Archangel Uriel, whose name means “Light of God”, helps in finding your spiritual path and can help solve all your existential questions. If you run out of ideas or projects, call upon him He will help you assemble the different steps of your spiritual journey. He protects against negative vibrations.

The Archangel Zadkiel, whose name means “Righteousness of God” help to forgive his own sins and those of others. He allows you to go forward and to chart your own course. This psychic therapist eliminates negative emotions and helps to stay on a path that suits you. He helps to overcome emotions and purify negativities. He encourages you to have compassion for all beings.





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