Super Blood Moon

Super Blood Moon

Exclusive for 2019

If you are asking yourself when is the next blood moon, you came to the right place! In the night of January 20 to 21, 2019, a total lunar eclipse will occur. But not a “normal” total lunar eclipse. At this time, the moon will dress up in a coppery dress just for your eyes delight. This Super Blood Moon is a perfect occasion for you to understand the powers and the Spiritual Meaning of this so long worshiped and admired satellite.

What is the blood moon and how it manifests itself?

The blood moon is a total lunar eclipse that happens only with a full moon. In a couple of days the Sun and planet Earth will be perfectly aligned in space. The moon will then be on Earth’s shade. The Sunlight will cross Earth before reaching the moon, giving it this beautiful red color. Not only it’ll be red, but it’ll look a lot bigger due to its proximity.

Super Blood Moon


The night of January 20 to 21, 2019, Don’t miss the Blood Moon

If you reside in Europe or Africa:

  • The Blood Moon will be visible January 21st at dawn at approximately 5am.

In America:

  • You’ll have the pleasure of seeing the Blood Moon on the evening of January 20th at, approximately, 10pm.

The Powers of the Blood Moon

The Moon holds a lot of mysteries and surprises, especially during an eclipse! First of all, it controls emotion and intuition. It is the strongest link between us and the skies. Under the power of the Blood Moon, our senses and emotions are at their peak. This phenomena, being extremely rare, is seen by a lot of people as the bringer of change. We need to act and accept the changes that will come to our lives, whatever they may be.

This period is favourable to prayers and rituals, since a strong energy of creation and spirituality emanates from the Blood Moon. The night of January 20 to 21, you’ll have the chance to be in perfect harmony with the spirits. The Blood Moon also opens the gates of Red Magic, the magic of love, so you should keep a close attention to your feelings.


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