Natal Angelic Chart: Your Celestial Identity

Natal Angelic Chart: Your Celestial Identity

If you already asked yourself ‘what is a Natal Chart?’, but more specifically ‘what is a Natal Angelic Chart?’, you’ve come to the right place!

In this article you’ll find the real you, the different meanings of your Birth Chart, what are Guardian Angels, Angelic Stones… these and more elements that will allow you to define your identity.

“To understand your Natal Angelic Chart is to understand yourself…”

Natal chart

What is a Natal Chart or Birth Chart?

The Natal Chart is a symbolic study of the different aspects of astrology and the Angelic Universe that will an understanding of the person you really are. On the day you were born, the position of the planets and stars play a very important part on different aspects of your life and personality. The Natal Chart reads itself as a letter from heaven. It is our astrological portrait.

What will you find in a Natal Angelic Chart? And what’s its meaning?

Natal Angelic Chart

above, an example of Celeste’s Free Natal Angelic Chart

Each feature of your Natal Chart as a meaning. It’s important to read every sign as they are all connected to you. Like a puzzle or a mosaic, the interpretation will be complete if and only if you see all the pieces.

The Natal Angelic Chart contains the 12 Zodiac Signs, the 8 planets of the Solar System, 72 Guardian Angels, the Archangels and finally, the astrological stones. The construction of a Birth Chart is factual: it is based on all these elements and flows as an interpretation to establish your personality.

Astrological Sign

Your Astrological Sign, or solar sign, is by far the most known trait in the Natal Chart. It is connected to the constellation where the sun was positioned the day you were born. The zodiac sign will impact you throughout your all life. It molds your personality, may impact your choices and your feelings. Your astrological sign will also have an influence with the other signs. If your sign is a fire sign like the Lion or the Sagittarius, you have a very strong personality and your energy is extremely dynamic and reactional. Other signs, like the Scorpio, will yearn for an inner strength and spirituality, and adopt an introverted behavior.

The Planets

They are strongly connected to your astrological sign an will control in particular your social conduct: your behavior, evolution, and relationships (love, family, work, etc…). Each planet shows a psychological function and also an energy.

Find the elementary and secondary planets of your Natal Chart

The Guardian Angel and Archangel

There are 72 angels in the Birth Chart and 6 of them for each astrological sign. The Guardian Angel is our protector, He watches over us. He has the power to help us in our time of need or the unforeseen moments that can shake our lives. He is our guide and He’s mission is to convey not only messages but energies of our related planets. The Archangel is of the utmost importance as He is in direct contact with God. He has responsibilities and incredible powers.

Find the Angels of your Natal Chart

The Angelic Stone

All precious and semi-precious stones have a link to celestial spirituality. Each Angel is connected to a stone. Their influence, commonly underestimated or even ignored, is powerful and determine our strengths and assets. Precious stones also carry a healing power connected to their energy that balances our own. Your Angelic stone is entwined with your astrological sign; due to them, your celestial energies will intensify and protect you from toxic relationships, stress, illness, bad luck and trouble.

Find your stone on your Natal Chart

How to read your Natal Chart?

Your Astrological sign is the star between all the elements of your Natal Angelic Chart and connects every single one of them to the others. That is why you will find common virtues and strengths. This whole shapes your celestial identity as your cells shape your physical body.

During your life several events will upset/distress you, people, good or bad, have an impact on you. You have millions of choices to take, millions of actions to undertake and millions of times your emotions will drive you. It happens to feel uncertain about which direction to take, how to manage a specific situation or simply about how to live in peace with the world that surrounds you. To know your Birth Chart is to know yourself, your beliefs, your faith, that power hidden deep inside you that you cannot pull out. The Angels voices and celestial energies unveil powers that you wouldn’t imagine they exist. By knowing yourself, you’ll know how to apprehend all that surrounds you, you’ll understand your feelings and emotions and you’ll overcome all tests that life throws at you. When you know yourself a little better, a hundred battles become hundreds of victories.

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