Be an Angel

Be an Angel

The Angels must inspire your behaviour every day. You can certainly call them when needed and they will answer your requests for help. You too can become an angel on earth cultivating positive values in all aspects of your life every day and practicing these values actively.


It is indeed important to believe in angels and to call on them regularly but you can also embody the values they represent and transform yourself into a true Earth Angel doing good around you.

The Angels would gladly help you if you ask them as they cultivate no sense of superiority to men and are not jealous of their prerogatives and powers that they are eager to share with humans.

On the contrary, they want just that, and that more and more people aspire to rise and stand on their own.


Emulate Metatron

After all, one of the most important angels of Kabbalah, Metratron, is not he himself, according to tradition, a man, the prophet Enoch.

Enoch was transformed directly into an angel by God because of the merit he had accumulated and the good it had spread throughout the earth.

You, too, can emulate the example of Metatron and aspire to become an angel without, of course, developing pride about it.

Your ascension as an Earth Angel can be done in humility and selflessness. Do not wish to become an Angel only to acquire extraordinary powers of angels but really for the good of mankind and, in turn, your own.


No wings, no radiant aura!

Do not expect, however; to see yourself grow wings or radiate vibrating powers that will illuminate the space around you as regularly seen on the usual representations of angels.

The work you have to do to become an Angel will undoubtedly not manifest a marvelous appearance. It is also likely that your physical appearance will not change.

The work you first have to accomplish for this is an inside job of transforming your thoughts to develop a positive mindset. Do not wait, however, to have this positive mindset to begin to act in ways that benefit the good of humanity.

Create this positive mindset, thinking, speaking and acting positively even for the most trivial acts of your daily life.


Cultivate angelic thought, angelic voice, angelic actions

The first important step of your angelic transformation is to change the tone of your thoughts, certainly cultivate positive thoughts, but also to turn your negative thoughts into creative actions of happiness, joy and blessings.

Your mind is the gateway to your soul. Also, start working on your thoughts without haste and without time limits.

Take the time necessary to cultivate thoughts increasingly positive and transform your negative thoughts.

So when a positive thought arises in your mind about yourself or other people, cultivate it and put it in practice as soon as possible by your actions and your words.

As for negative thoughts, take the time and have the patience to transform them into creative thoughts, if not positive.


Angelic transmutation from positive to negative

Thus, transform negations in affirmations. For example, when you think “I am not able to,” “I do not get to do this,” “It is impossible to achieve”, “I can not do it,” and other harmful thoughts like this, do not let them spread poison in your mind.

Respond immediately by a psychic process of transformation that is to say, “I am able to,” “I get to do this,” “It is possible to achieve”, “I can do it” …

Do not be content with these claims. Put them into practice by performing the corresponding positive action. Then you will approach your condition of earthly angel by spreading the good around you!

As I have said above: start with small affairs before you take on larger ones. As well, start with small everyday gestures like helping someone and not just with money.

There are a thousand ways to provide assistance to people other than giving them money, which is often, however, a way to get rid of a problem and not feel guilty about  not having the proper expertise to help.

You can give of your time, listen carefully to the concerns of someone, help with shopping, do them a favor …

After this first phase, you progress to higher stages help you gradually closer to your condition of Earth Angel.





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