Angels and Archangels

Angels and Archangels

The Celestial Kingdom where the Lord is throned is populated by a number divine beings, the most important are the angels and archangels. But, who exactly are the angels and archangels? What are the differences between them but also what relationship do they have? Finally, what are their respective roles and how do they come to the aid of humans?

In fact, the archangels are senior angels who are each the officer in charge of a class of angels. They oversee missions they are assigned to by God directly or indirectly through them. The angels and archangels are both the Messengers of God, but the archangels bring the most important messages for affected people while the angels are moreso in charge of current affairs and the protection of humans.

For example, it was the Archangel Gabriel that announced to the Virgin Mary (mother of Christ in Christianity but which is also recognized by Islam) she would soon bear the son of God. For Muslims, he taught the entire Koran (holy book of Islam) under the name of Djibril to the Prophet Muhammad.

If angels are involved in the fight against evil and its representatives, demons and inferior spirits; archangels are instead engaged in different combat against higher demons and evil spirits as during the Great Celestial Battle to be held at the end of the world, called Apocalypse in the Bible.

Angels are more responsible for the current protection of humans and their transmit smaller messages about ways to solve everyday problems, to have a chance to find love, to stay in or to regain good health, to fulfill their wishes…

Note also that the words “Archangel” and “Angel” comes from ancient Greek. This particularly explains that the earlier traditions in ancient Greece do not use these terms to officially designate them,  although many spiritual channels are teeming with references to the equivalent of angels and archangels, as in Zoroastrianism, religious tradition propagated by Zarathustra and was the religion of the Persians in the first millennium B.C.

Thus the word “archangel” is composed of the prefix “arch” meaning “upper” and “angel” means “messenger.” In other words: an archangel is a “angel of higher level” that lives closer to God.

Countless testimonies of the existence of angels and archangels

Archangels and angels are of even greater importance for humans that these celestial beings are found in many traditions sometimes under different names. However, the characteristics that are attributed to them are common despite differences in appearance that change depending on the traditions.

We find, indeed, testimony and evidence of the existence of angels and archangels in traditions as different as Zoroastrianism, Judaism, Christianity, Islam and many beliefs worldwide.

In general, an archangel oversees a group of angels assigned to a special mission. This can range from protection to healing through the transmission of spiritual teachings which may be granted when a person makes a request, or at the time chosen by the Lord to send a message to a human in danger, for example, or that we must prepare for a special mission.

Universal Archangel characteristics

In all traditions, archangels and angels are messengers who protect men at their request or when they are in dangerous situations; mostly after asking God’s help.

Although, in general, the archangels and angels are assigned the male gender, in fact: these heavenly beings have no gender and can appear in the form of both genders (male and female) according to the traditions.

Similarly, archangels and angels do not have a precise shape. Those are pure celestial energy vibrations that are embodied in the physical and visible aspects so that people can see and communicate with them. Archangels and angels appear often in the form in which they are represented in the beliefs of people who use them.

This is in order not to frighten them, to not confuse them, and to communicate with them because in their form of pure energy, few human beings would be able to endure their true physical form as their radiation is intense and dazzling. In fact, the form of angels and archangels has little importance because everyone can see in the aspect he wants or what is acceptable to his beliefs and state of mind.

Their place in the Celestial Kingdom

When they are not on a mission to Earth, the archangels are near God in the celestial kingdom and the closest to him. They then spend their time glorifying him or being assigned tasks by him before dispensing them to the most angels are able to accomplish.

Otherwise, when they are not sent to Earth, archangels fight the celestial planes against evil and its representatives: the demons.

Of the four most famous archangels Gabriel, Uriel, Raphael and Michael, it is the latter which specifically leading the fight against the infernal hordes. According to all traditions referring to the angels, one of them is assigned by God to each of us. Even if you do not know which is yours, there is one dedicated to your protection that can help you on the earthly plane whenever you desire.

Since the beginning of time, there are numerous accounts of the intervention of archangels and angels from people who have been saved from extreme and dangerous situations. People in extreme danger, as they thought their last hour had come, saw out of nowhere, an archangel or angel in human form, in the guise of a man or a woman, to rescue them from danger before disappearing as quickly as they had appeared.





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